Why Hemp Helps Marathon Runners Reach Peak Performance

The effects of hemp on athletic performance have been studied extensively. Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant that can improve your physical and mental performance during long-distance running events, like marathons. Let’s look at how hemp can help you reach peak performance.

Hemp for Endurance Events

The most important benefit of using hemp for marathon running is its ability to boost endurance. Hemp can provide runners with a sustained energy release over long periods of time, which helps them maintain their stamina throughout their run. Additionally, hemp contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body and reduce post-run discomfort. This allows runners to push themselves further without experiencing too much pain afterwards. And finally, hemp contains omega fatty acids and other essential nutrients that can help increase oxygen delivery to muscles and improve circulation throughout the body. This means more energy is being delivered to the muscles during exercise and helps prevent fatigue during long runs.

Hemp for Mental Performance

Running a marathon isn’t just about physical performance; it’s also about mental performance. That’s why so many athletes supplement with hemp—it has been found to promote better cognitive functioning during endurance events. Hemp can help increase focus while running by reducing stress levels, thus allowing runners to maintain their concentration throughout the entire race. Additionally, hemp has been found to promote better sleep quality which helps ensure athletes are well rested before a big event like a marathon or other endurance event.

When participating in a marathon or any other long-distance running event, it’s important to take care of your physical and mental health both before and after the race. Supplementing with hemp can help make sure you reach peak performance on the day of your race by providing you with sustained energy release, anti-inflammatory properties, essential nutrients, improved circulation, increased focus, and better sleep quality leading up to the event. With all these benefits combined, there’s no doubt that adding hemp into your training regimen will give you an edge as an athlete!

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3 SOLID Self Care Tips for 2023

In all honesty, we’re writing on this subject because it something we feel not only is relatable, but something we seem to be struggling with currently while juggling family life, the dr. milo business, staying healthy, taking time for ourselves while holding it all together. If this resonates then keep reading for some semblance of it all or at least some sort of self- hug.

Self Care Tip #1

First off, You’re doing great. You’re reading this, therefore you’re interesting in bettering your life and hence, lives around you.  Let’s start with some positive self talk. Positive self talk should be something we actually feel so that it doesn’t feel forced or contrite. Are you proud of yourself for showering today? Then hell yeah! Be proud of that and let that sink in. Pick 3 things that are highlights of your life right now. Now, thinking about all those things, let’s just take big breath to cleanse, and head onward to this reading and the moments ahead.

Self Care Tip #2

Taking time for ourselves can be momentary. Don’t have an hour for a yoga class? Literally, don’t sweat it. While studying kinesiology and massage, we learned that taking just 2 min./day to lay on our backs with feet up the wall not only resets the spine adding synovial fluid back into the cartlidges but it resets our mind as well. Our spine craves rest to recover all the fluid that is naturally used throughout the day. If we lay, just for 2 min the synovial fluid (thick fluid between your joints) This fluid cushions the ends of bones and reduces friction when you move your joints. Synovial fluid then gets it’s chance to replenish in our bodies giving our spines fluidity and a supple healing to move forward with our days.

Self care tip #3

Stop listening to others and taking it as bible or what may be true for you. For us, this automatically leads to comparing. Your healing process will be vastly different from a friend the same age, health and size. Because no two are alike in a beautiful way, our minds are so incredibly different. A lot of a healing process starts with our minds so to think that your trajectory or outcome will be the same as someone else’s is just putting limits on beliefs of what you’re capable of. We’re capable of healing ourselves. It just takes some tuning INWARD.

*And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention… go rub some Dr. Milo Topical Relief on.


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Working out with Dr. Milo Relief Lotion

Way to go! You’re sore from a workout that pushed you to your limits and maybe you ran just a bit longer or upped up the reps this time. You’re feeling it everywhere. Perhaps a tight neck the next morning or a slightly pulled muscle from pushing it a little too far. This happens to all of us and because you’re in tune with your body, you know that aiding in recovery is essential. By Using Dr. Milo’s Topical Relief Lotion, you’re reducing inflammation for faster recovery to get back into your routine with less soreness and pain.

Why you should work out with us

We created this lotion as an alternative to pain relief and quickly realized from years of trials and customer feedback that because we loaded our formula up with so many great ingredients, the usage of our lotion became super vast. Hemp + Arnica Montana reduce swelling, bruising and sprains. Arnica Montana is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It contains a wide array of inflammation-fighting plant compounds such as sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids, and phenolic acids which all help with pain management. Our Full Spectrum Hemp (cannabis sativa) targets pain receptors in the endocannabinoid system and tells them to relax.

How it works:

When we work out, inflammation is produced by repetitive motion, damaging our muscles. After, our bodies repair these muscles, and they grow back even stronger. Inflammation comes into play during the repair process when our bodies increase blood flow to the affected area to replenish oxygen, fuel muscles and clear waste.

Sometimes we push it a little too far, and that’s ok. Our bodies are built for recovery but why not add an aid in this recovery to take the edge off and recover faster. We use our Relief Lotion Before and after workouts. We’d found reduction in swelling, more range of motion in our joints and less pain comes a higher stamina. Our customer feedback for post workout recovery has been amazing. Take their word for it:

Take it from these guys:

Toi J: “It works like magic after I’ve hit the gym hard & have sore muscles. It’s the best relief.”

Robert T: “I use Dr. Milo daily as a part of my recovery routine. Love it. It’s nice to have that little bit of help when you’re healing up and getting ready for your next mission.