Why You Should Consider Eating to Reduce Inflammation

Many of us don’t think twice about what we put into our bodies. (ie. the bag of cheetos I had last night)  We eat whatever is convenient or tasty without considering the long-term implications it may have for our health. But did you know that the food you eat can have a significant impact on inflammation in your body? Let’s take a closer look at how the food we consume affects inflammation and what we should be eating to combat it, and go easy on yourself. Moderation is key 🙂

The Link Between Food and Inflammation

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that points to the direct correlation between inflammation and diet. Our bodies naturally produce inflammatory molecules, but when these molecules become excessive, they can cause serious health issues such as joint pain, digestive problems, heart disease, diabetes, and other autoimmune disorders. What we eat can exacerbate the production of these molecules and make existing inflammation worse.

Foods That Reduce Inflammation

Fortunately, there are certain foods that can help reduce inflammation in our bodies! These include fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants such as blueberries and broccoli; fatty fish like salmon and mackerel; nuts like walnuts; olive oil; whole grains like oats; turmeric; ginger; garlic; green tea; dark chocolate; and foods rich in vitamin D like mushrooms. Incorporating these foods into your diet will help keep inflammation in check.

13 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

In addition to reducing inflammation, eating these nutrient-rich foods offers other benefits—they provide essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for good health, support weight loss efforts by making you feel full longer, boost energy levels throughout the day, increase mental clarity, improve digestion and gut health, strengthen bones and joints with essential omega fatty acids, stimulate muscle growth with protein sources such as nuts or fish…the list goes on, Yum.

Reducing inflammation through diet is an easy way to protect yourself from developing chronic diseases later in life. By incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into your meals each day you can enjoy all of the benefits they offer while ensuring your body is functioning optimally. Be well, and remember to enjoy every morsel.


Comparing Topical Hemp Products Versus Ingestible Hemp Products

As the popularity of hemp-based products continues to steadily rise, more and more people are looking for ways to incorporate it into their daily wellness routines. However, one of the main questions many people have is what are the differences between topical hemp products vs ingestible hemp products that your liver has to process? Let’s explore further.

Topical Hemp Products

Topical hemp products are designed to be used externally. Some popular topical forms of hemp-based products can include lotionss, salves, creams and even bath bombs. These items are applied directly onto the skin in order to target any aches or pains you may be dealing with. The effects from topicals typically hit within minutes and last for 4-6 hours on average. However, some users report feeling relief for up to 8 hours after using a topical product.

Dr. Milo’s Topical Relief Lotion is a fast-absorbing, full-spectrum NANO CBD/CBN/CBG formula. It contains all plant-derived ingredients, that offer reduced inflammation and relaxation.  It will absorb into the skin within seconds, work within minutes, and last approximately 2-4 hours. We use a NANO, full-spectrum hemp for higher potency, and faster absorption. Our unisex essential oil-based scent won’t stain your clothes so use all over your body. We like it on the insides of our wrists to soothe anxiety and on our temples for migraine relief. Massage into your aches and feel the relief.

Our Relief Lotion

In terms of effectiveness, topicals have been known to provide a localized effect but not much else beyond that. This means that if you’re looking for something that can provide relief from specific pain points such as a sore knee or an aching back, then topicals could be just what you’re looking for. The plus of using a high quality Relief Lotion such as ours, is that it absorbs directly into the affected area and doesn’t pass through your bloodstream so you liver isn’t processing the substance.

Ingestible Hemp Products

In comparison to topical hemp products, ingestible forms such as tinctures and edibles work differently because they must first pass through your body’s digestive system before taking effect. This means that it will take longer for these types of products to kick in (30 minutes – 2 hours) but once they do they will typically produce effects that last anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on how much was consumed and how sensitive someone is towards certain cannabinoids found in hemp extract. These types of products tend to produce more widespread effects which makes them ideal for treating chronic conditions like anxiety or insomnia.

If you’re wanting something that provides localized relief from pain points then look no further than topicals whereas if you’re wanting something that can help with systemic issues like anxiety or fatigue then ingestible should be your go-to option. Ultimately it all boils down to personal preference so make sure you experiment with both options before deciding which one works best for you.


Our Clean Beauty Must Haves that Utilize Hemp


The beauty industry has been steadily moving towards clean beauty products, with hemp-infused skincare leading the pack. Hemp is a powerful but gentle ingredient that helps to keep skin moisturized and healthy. Here, we take a look at the must-have hemp-infused skincare products for 2023.


A good cleanser is essential for keeping your skin looking and feeling its best. A hemp-infused cleanser will gently remove dirt, oil, and makeup while also hydrating the skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help to reduce redness and irritation as well.

Malin+Goetz Cannabis Hand and Body Wash


The key to having glowing, healthy skin is to use a serum on a daily basis. Hemp serums are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E and fatty acids which help to protect the skin from free radical damage and keep it hydrated all day long. They can also help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, giving you an even more youthful complexion.

Side note: this snail serum is great too: Snail Serum


Hemp moisturizers are lightweight yet deeply nourishing, helping to lock in moisture while calming any inflammation or redness caused by dryness or irritation. It’s not just great for dry skin; it’s also beneficial for oily or combination skin too. Our Topical Relief Lotion is the perfect water-based Moisturizer.

Shop our Product here

Eye Cream

The delicate area around your eyes is often one of the first places to show signs of aging; luckily there’s a hemp-infused eye cream that can help address this issue head on! Hemp eye creams are rich in vitamins A and C which help to reduce puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes for brighter, younger looking eyes.


Hemp has quickly become one of the hottest trends in clean beauty due to its many benefits including anti-aging properties, antioxidant protection from free radicals, hydration without clogging pores, reducing inflammation and irritation caused by dryness or sensitivity – making hemp infused skincare a must have for 2021! Whether you’re looking for an everyday cleanser or something more targeted like an eye cream – there’s something out there that’s perfect for your skincare needs! So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!

Products we love:

R+Co Super Garden CBD+CBG Soothing Scalp and Hair Treatment









Dr. Milo Hemp Packaging Adds Some Playfulness To The Pain Relief Aisle -DIELINE ARTICLE

by Chloe Gordon on 06/09/2022 | 3 Minute Read

Dr. Milo is a pain relief serum with packaging that’s much more lighthearted than the purpose behind the brand. Through bright red, lively typography, and an aluminum tube, the brand’s packaging beautifully balances an approachable attitude that’s also highly trustworthy and restorative. While the design is simple, it certainly has a playful side creating standout packaging in a sea of dull medical designs.

Our target was to create a more fun pain relief tube with a 70’s vibe for the older generation while staying poppy and fun. Our primary stacked logo is a custom font, our wave design was inspired by an australian psychedelic rock band and the bright red poppy brand color was inspired by the red cross to convey healing. We’re apart of 1% for the planet, and give back to Regeneration International to promote regenerative farming practices which is great for hemp farmers in America. We’re a Woman owned, family operated, hemp business.

Created by a team of sister, brother, and dad; Joan, David, and Milo. We initially shared Dr. Milo with friends and family seeking an all-natural, safer solution to curing everyday aches and pains and helping loved ones cope with chronic pain. We now get to share this product with the world, and we’re pretty excited about that. Several years ago, our Mom, and wife respectively, was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, making her live with chronic debilitating pain.

We sourced our top to bottom sustainable packaging in Germany where we found one of the very few companies in the world using a lined aluminum tube. Aluminum is one of the most recyclable materials. Our box is made of recycled cardboard boxes. We then worked with Mac & Roni Creative out of NY to fully design our tube, logo and secondary patterns. Our flower pattern is actually the ARNICA MONTANA flower- a main ingredient in our Relief Lotion.

We wanted to create a product and be a part of her healing journey to find less toxic solutions for pain management. We started with the idea that we could offer something as an alternative solution to pain management. We combined our background in holistic, herbal healing with the advent of the legalization of hemp. Dr. Milo began in our home kitchen; with lots of messy potion experimentation and after its initial success, we decided to form a company. Our company standard was to distribute a product for others seeking a more pain-free life while using the whole plant, all-natural ingredients.

Dr. Milo has since grown and is produced in California, and you can now find us in multiple U.S. locations. We’ve also continued experimenting and are seeking to make more products that offer some peace for your aches and love for your pains.



A Gift Guide for the Cannabis Hemp Loving Mom


This Mother’s Day, why not surprise mom with a unique and thoughtful gift? If your mom loves cannabis hemp products, we’ve got you covered. We have some great ideas for cannabis hemp-infused gifts that will make her smile. Whether she needs something to relax and destress or an item to help her on her healing journey, we’ve got options that are perfect for mom.

Cannabis Hemp Body Care

First up on our list is a selection of top-quality cannabis hemp body care. From bath bombs and scrubs to salves and lotions, there are plenty of ways to pamper mom from head to toe. Many of these products include natural ingredients such as essential oils, cocoa butter and beeswax that work together to nourish and soothe the skin. These gifts will make sure mom feels relaxed and rejuvenated!

Try our all natural, Plant based RELIEF LOTION:

Dr. milo Relief Lotion

Cannabis Hemp Edibles

Edibles are another great way to show your love this Mother’s Day. There are tons of delicious cannabis hemp-infused edibles out there, from gummies and chocolates to teas and tinctures. Not only do they taste good but they provide a relaxing effect while delivering important medicinal benefits like improved sleep quality, reduced anxiety levels or increased energy levels. You can even customize your gift by picking out specific flavors or ingredients that you know your mom will love!

Onyx and Rose Hemp Gummies

Cannabis Hemp Accessories & Apparel

Finally, don’t forget about the accessories! Whether a soft hemp sweater or pajamas—there are plenty of ways to customize your Mother’s Day gift this year. Not only are these items sustainable  but they also look great to0. Plus, many of them come in unique colors and patterns so your mom can show off her style with pride.

Jungmaven Hemp Clothing

With so many options available nowadays, it’s easy to find something special that fits Mom’s individual needs and lifestyle. Show her how much you care with a meaningful gift made just for her – she’ll be sure to feel the love this Mother’s Day.