1% for the Planet

Who We Support

Our planet needs us now more than ever.

Our Promise:

Products that are safe for humans + the environment.

We are really proud to associate what we do with a cause and have introduced our love and care for the environment into our brand’s messages, products + materials.

– The Dr. Milo Team

All recyclable packaging

Eco-friendly packaging from top to bottom, start to finish

Dr. Milo Only works with GMP certified Companies. This means that the manufacturer has demonstrated a strong regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards.

BOX: Our Box is made from 100% recycled cardboard materials. A friendly reminder to Recycle or repurpose your box when you’re done using it.

TUBE: The Dr. Milo Tube is made from Recycled Aluminum. Aluminum remains to be the most sustainable and far less energy-intensive materials on our earth. And a friendly reminder to take your cap off the tube and recycle separately.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Cannabis Hemp is an eco-friendly crop.

The Hemp plant Improves the soil it grows in and causes less damage to the earth while it removes toxins from the soil as it grows. Cannabis Hemp can be grown in almost any environment, in the desert climates of the Western US or the moisture rich Eastern Seaboard.

Cannabis Hemp Farmers don’t have to do much to ensure their practices are sustainable because by cultivating Cannabis Hemp, farmers are using a regenerative farming practice simply by planting the crop. This means that when growing hemp, farmers do not need to use harmful pesticides and chemicals on their crop because the Cannabis Hemp plant is naturally resistant to pests. Cannabis Hemp grows long deep roots which help stabilize the soil around them making it nutrient rich and limiting erosion. Because this sustainable plant cultivates in the manor it does, farmers end up using 50% less water than cotton.

Dr. Milo is a member of the organization
1% for the Planet.

As a company that centers It’s practices on SUSTAINABILITY and conscious consumption we are invited to be a part of 1% for the planet

Who We Support

Dr. Milo chose to support Regeneration International because of it’s work in shaping policies and education surrounding reversing global warming, restoring farmer’s independence from Corporate control to Regenerate our ecological health and biodiversity of the planet we live on.