We appreciate your interest in us and we’re excited to build our brand with like minded people to spread some relief to the world.

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Take the edge off.

We created Dr. Milo to offer a more natural alternative to pain relief. We use whole plant ingredients, and full spectrum hemp that contains all of its derived terpenes; CBD/CBN/CBG that is nano emulsified. This breaks down the molecules and encapsulates them in water so your skin better absorbs the relief lotion.

Our formula is a non-greasy, fast absorbing lotion that can be used anywhere, anytime with a lightly scented essential oil blend. Great for sprains, headaches, and cramps; rub a little on and relax into the relief.

A Multi-Use Relief Lotion: apply wherever needed for relief of aches, pains, swelling, bruising, sports and surgical recovery, migraines, PMS, anxiety (apply on inner wrists) and soothing skin conditions.

Joan, David & Milo

Joan, David & Milo | The Dr. Milo Family

Topical Relief Lotion

All naturally derived ingredients

Our Topical Relief Lotion is a fast absorbing, full spectrum
NANO CBD/CBN/CBG formula. It contains all plant derived
ingredients, that offer reduced inflammation and relaxation.
It will absorb into the skin within seconds, work within
minutes and last approximately 2-4 hrs. We use a NANO
full spectrum hemp for higher potency and faster absorption.
Massage into your aches and feel the relief. Our unisex
essential oil based scent won’t stain your clothes so use it all
over your body. We like it on the insides of our wrists to
soothe anxiety and applied on the temples for migraines

  • Sourced from Organically Grown, USA Hemp (containing 0.3% THC or less, NON PSYCHOACTIVE)
  • Arnica Montana for bruising, swelling, and recovery
  • Whole Plant, All naturally derived ingredients
  • Lab-tested to be free from pesticides, solvents, chemical fertilizers and other contaminants. GMP certified.
  • Non-GMO
  • Recyclable box and aluminum tube
  • Nano Full-Spectrum Hemp = 5x the strength

Ethically Sourced Brand

Environmentally conscious Packaging

BPA free lined recyclable aluminum tube. Recycled material box made in Southern California
Dr. Milo is a member of 1% for the planet. A leading global nonprofit, delivering philanthropic support to environmental organizations by donating 1% of the company’s yearly revenue

Roll out strategy

Our Market

Female & Male Customers
Young Professionals to Baby Boomers seeking a low
rade pain solution for migranes, work pains, end of day,
period cramps.
Social Athletes (of all ages) pursuing activities including;
surfiling, climbing, biking, yoga, & other outdoor
Elderly experiencing new types of pain
Alternative Medicine, Holistic Community


Online sales throughout the U.S.


+ High-End Grocers
+ Strategic Retailers: small, local brick-and-mortar
+ Recovery Clinics: Surgical and Orthopedic
+ Massage - Dr. Milo add on Service
+ Delivery Services: part of flower and gift box services.


We are focused on influencer Marketing, SEO, Email and Content Marketing to reach our ideal customer. We will also be advertising our products online and social media.

The Dr. Milo Story

We’re a female founded, family operated, small batch business. Created by a team of Sister, Brother and Dad. Joan, David and Milo. We initially shared Dr. Milo with friends and family seeking an all-natural, safer solution to curing everyday aches and pains and helping loved ones cope with chronic pain. We now get to share this product with the world, and we’re pretty excited about that.

Several years ago, our Mom, and wife respectively, was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease, making her live with chronic debilitating pain. We wanted to create a product and be a part of her healing journey to find less toxic solutions for pain management.

We started with the idea that we could offer something as an alternative solution to pain management. We combined our background in holistic, herbal healing with the advent of the legalization of Hemp. Dr. Milo began in our home kitchen; with lots of messy potion experimentation
and after its initial success, we decided to form a company. Our company standard was to distribute a product for others seeking a more pain free life while using whole plant, all-natural ingredients.

Joan Mann

Milo & David Mann