The History of 4:20 and How to Celebrate with Hemp


4:20 has been celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts around the world for decades. But what exactly is 4:20 and how can you celebrate it? This blog post will explore the history of 4:20 and explain how you can use hemp products to commemorate this special day.

The Origins of 4:20

The exact origins of 4/20 are a bit hazy, but some theories have more credence than others. One popular theory suggests that the term originated in 1971 in San Rafael, California at a high school called San Rafael High School. The story goes that a group of five friends known as the “Waldos” coined the phrase after meeting up every day at 4:20 PM near a sculpture of Louis Pasteur on campus to search for an abandoned cannabis crop. Although they never found the crop, they adopted “420” as their code word for smoking pot.

Another theory…

This theory claims that 420 was first used by police officers in California as code for marijuana-related activities. However, there’s no way to confirm this story since it’s mainly based on hearsay and anecdotal evidence.

Celebrating With Hemp Products

4/20 is now widely celebrated around the world by cannabis enthusiasts who use this day to gather with friends and indulge in their favorite pastime. To make your celebration extra special, why not add some hemp products into the mix? Such as… our Dr. Milo Topical Relief Lotion. Hemp products are becoming increasingly popular due to their many beneficial properties—they’re non-intoxicating, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly, and contain essential fatty acids and proteins that can help with joint pain relief, skin health, digestion, stress relief, and so much more. Our Customers reach out daily to tell us all the new way’s their Relief Lotion has helped them.

Games to play on 420 🙂


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