Clean out your pantry of toxic products on the dirty list


When we first started Formulating our Relief Lotion years ago in our kitchen, we quickly learned about all the toxic chemicals that were lurking around us in our home. We found them everywhere! But the biggest one for us was in our household cleaner that we were using to decontaminate our workspace.

Here’s what we threw away:

-Anything with SLS in it. This toxic ingredient is what makes soap foam or bubble- honestly, you can live without the bubbles.

Found in: Hand soaps, toothpaste, shampoo

-Household Cleaner. ALERT! (even the organic “clean” ones are toxic!

What we use instead:

Good old fashioned vinegar. I bought giant glass jar online, filled it with vinegar, and loaded it with orange peels from our garden for a nice fresh scent and let it steep. Then I got cute glass spray bottles– because keeping anything in plastic is just as bad.

And if you don’t feel like making your own, here’s company we love with great core values and actually non- toxic cleaning products:

A note on Plastic:
We got rid of it all! Instead of leftover containers we use these. For plastic snack bags we use these, and instead of saran wrap we use these great beeswax reusable wraps.

and finally, here is the Dirty List we promised:

Dirty List