Hiring for the Cannabis Industry: What You Need to Know

The cannabis industry is booming and with that comes an influx in job openings. If you’re looking for a career change and are considering the cannabis industry, now is the time to make the leap. However, hiring for these new positions can be tricky, from making sure applicants meet the necessary qualifications to navigating state regulations and restrictions. Friends of Dr. Milo, can help you find qualified candidates and keep your business compliant with all of the regulations.


One of the biggest challenges when it comes to hiring for a cannabis business is finding qualified employees who have been properly trained in handling marijuana products. Fortunately, there are many organizations that offer training courses specifically designed for cannabis workers, such as Cannasure Insurance Services or Canopy Growth Corporation, which can provide prospective employees with all the necessary knowledge they need to work in this booming industry. When it comes to finding these qualified job seekers, can help streamline your search process by providing access to an extensive database of potential candidates who have already gone through the necessary training courses.

Hr-Hero Team + Compliance

Another challenge when hiring for a cannabis business is ensuring compliance with state regulations and restrictions. For example, some states require certain types of criminal background checks for all applicants before they can begin working at a cannabis business, while others may have age limits on who can work in this industry. With HR-hero’s team of experienced professionals on hand to guide you through each step of the recruitment process, you can rest assured that your business will remain compliant with all applicable laws and regulations throughout your hiring process. Additionally, HR-hero’s applicant tracking system makes it easy to manage all of your applications in one place so you don’t have to worry about missing any important documents or information related to potential hires. Plus, they are a woman owned business!

The legal cannabis industry is growing rapidly, creating plenty of job opportunities and unique challenges when it comes to recruiting new talent. From making sure prospective employees meet necessary qualifications to navigating complicated state laws and regulations, HR-hero provides comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to hire within this field. With access to an extensive database of qualified candidates and experienced professionals on hand at every step of the way, HR-hero makes it easier than ever before for businesses in this industry to find their perfect hire!


The Advantages of Starting a Woman Owned, Family Run Small Business


Starting a family-run small business has all the rewards you can imagine if managed properly. With the rise of digital tools and platforms, entrepreneurs have access to more resources than ever before. However, starting a woman owned small business comes with its own unique set of advantages. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits and how they can help your business succeed in today’s economy.

Increased Support Networks

When we started Dr. Milo, our woman owned small business, we gained access to networks of other like-minded women that you would not otherwise have access to. This could be beneficial for networking opportunities, finding mentors or even just having someone to talk to who understands what you are going through as an entrepreneur. Women-only or female-centric networks also provide invaluable advice and resources that may not be available elsewhere and can be invaluable for success in the early stages of your business.

Family Involvement

Starting a family run small business allows for increased involvement from family members who may not normally have the opportunity to contribute significantly to the business’s success. This could include anything from providing financial assistance during the initial startup phases to helping out with day-to-day operations such as marketing or customer service. Having family members involved can also provide additional morale boosts when times get tough and remind everyone why they are working so hard in the first place – to support their loved ones!

Tax Benefits

There are also tax benefits associated with owning a woman owned small business that can help offset some of the costs associated with running it. For example, many countries provide special incentives like reduced taxes or government grants specifically targeted towards female entrepreneurs, which can make running your business much easier in the long run. It is important to research any tax benefits available in your area as they could potentially save you money when it comes time to file taxes each year!

Starting a woman owned, family run small business comes with several advantages that can increase your chances for success in today’s economy. From increased support networks and family involvement to tax benefits and more, there are countless reasons why this type of venture may be right for you. It is important to do your research before taking on such an endeavor but if done correctly, it can be highly rewarding both financially and personally. We Started Dr. Milo Hemp years ago with a dream to create with more women owned businesses and we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us today!

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