How to Create a SAG/AFTRA Commercial for Dr. Milo Hemp Company

We’re happy to announce that we’ve shot our first Union Dr. Milo commercial with an amazing cast and crew. In this Article, we’ll discuss the steps we went through to shoot our final spots.

The first step in creating our commercials for Dr. Milo was to familiarize ourselves with the requirements set forth by SAG/AFTRA. Our founder, Joni Mann is a member of the Actors union and was very excited to bridge the two careers together.

Here are the SAG-AFTRA Regulations:

The most important requirement is that all actors appearing in the commercial must be members of either SAG or AFTRA, or both.  Additionally, all on-screen talent must be paid according to union minimums regardless of how much footage appears in the final cut.

Before filming begins, it’s also important to make sure all necessary paperwork has been completed and submitted to SAG/AFTRA including contracts, waivers, release forms, etc. Additionally, it’s best practice to have a representative from SAG/AFTRA present during filming and post-production as well as at screenings and other events related to the finished product. This ensures that all parties involved understand their roles and responsibilities before proceeding with production.

We made a commercial!

Once our filming is complete, we went into post-production to edit and sound mix. Our Director Shannon Lee Holmes did such an amazing job bring the spots together in the editing and we can’t wait to share it with you.

For more information about SAG-AFTRA