Making Our Planet a Better Place, One Hemp Plant at a Time

When we think of sustainability and environmentalism, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It can be hard to know where to start and how your individual efforts can add up. But every effort counts, especially when you join forces with an organization like 1% for the Planet or Regeneration International. That’s why our hemp company is proud to be part of both groups and make a positive contribution to the planet in the process.

What Is 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is an organization that connects businesses committed to environmental sustainability with non-profits that are making a difference in their communities. They believe that businesses have an obligation to give back, which is why they encourage companies to donate 1% of their profits towards environmental protection and preservation initiatives. As members, this is something we’re proud of being a part of.

What Is Regeneration International?

Regeneration International (RI) is an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture worldwide. The group works closely with farmers and scientists from around the world who are focused on regenerative land management practices that help promote soil health and reduce climate change. We are proud partners of RI because we love what they stand for—and because it makes a big difference in how we run our hemp business.

How Can You Help?

It’s easy! If you want to join us in supporting these organizations, there are several things you can do. You can sign up as a member to show your support, purchase products from brands that are part of 1% for the Planet or Regeneration International, or even donate directly if you wish! Every little bit helps and adds up quickly when more people get involved.

At Dr. Milo, we strongly believe that it’s important for businesses like ours to give back and contribute positively towards making our planet better. We consider ourselves privileged to be able to partner with two amazing organizations like 1% for the Planet and Regeneration International so we can have an even greater impact on the planet than ever before. If you would like more information on these organizations or would like to join us in making our planet better, please visit their websites and know that 1% of our early profits go to RI, so your purchase of our Relief Lotion is already contributing.


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