Sourcing Sustainable and Clean Ingredients



Well, this has been the biggest challenge while starting our business. It’s taken many twists and turns and found us needing to take a break to just contemplate the fact that it is almost nearly impossible to accomplish in our country. We’ve realized mainly because we don’t place much value on it. It has a lot to do with socio economic factors.

Read those labels!

It’s no secret that eating cleaner, shopping for cleaner products is far more expensive and not even attainable in certain areas of our country. The fact is though, that most of what is made in our world is toxic and this should NOT be the norm or accepted in our world. We all know it comes from a place of greed, a place of waste and not caring for others well being. Phew, ok got that out. While creating Dr. milo Topical Relief Lotion and researching and developing it (some years fell over the course of the pandemic) this was a topic that we kept running into time and time again and to be honest need to take some space away from the creation of it all at time because it weighed too heavy on our conscious.

Our sustainable journey

Were we ever going to able to create something that didn’t add more toxic waste into the world? A product that was Actually clean and free of harmful additives and chemicals for our customers? It was a constant fight with Manufacturers and vendors to answer these two questions.  As a small business we weren’t able to access the higher quality ingredients and materials for a while due to high minimum order quantities. It took pleading with 50 different tube manufacturers to finally find one that so gratefully allowed us to put in our first order of 15k tubes! This was a daunting number going from filling in our home kitchen, but the alternative was toxic plastic.

Sourcing Ingredients Matter

Years were spent sourcing clean ingredients. Ingredients would come in wrong, we could tell that sometimes the vendor would sneak in a synthetic version of our Essential oil due to Supply chain shortages. We were constantly cutting ties and seeking out new relationships with vendors we felt we could actually trust. And, it’s an ongoing process, because in the end, our world is not designed to protect us and keep us healthy.

But as dark as that may feel, it’s important to take the time to research, align yourselves with business you can trust. They’re out there and they’re not going anywhere because their products function to help serve their communities and offer some good to our world.


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