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High Quality Hemp & Cotton Blend T shirts made in Oregon by Jungmaven.

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A note from our friends at Jungmaven:
Our mission at Jungmaven is to create exceptional and sustainable hemp products that inspire a cultural shift towards living in balance with nature, and healing the planet. It’s all about carbon capture technology this decade and industrial hemp just miht be the most practical and useful ‘carbon sink’ we have at our disposal. For example, one hectare of industrial hemp absorbs over 24 tons of CO2 and makes approximately 7, 500 Jung Tees. As we work together to address climate change let’s remember to look to Mother Nature fot he solutions already available to us.


 We are so grateful for the incredible community of passionate advocates for sustainable fashion who support us by wearing Jungmaven garments. Fashion can be a powerful form of activism, and we walk through the world wearing what we stand for.


With love,
The Jungmaven Team

Love your Mother, Wear Hemp. 

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