Topical Relief Lotion

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  • Sourced from Organically Grown, USA Hemp (containing 0.3% THC or less, NON-PSYCHOACTIVE)
  • Arnica Montana for bruising, welling, and recovery
  • Whole Plant, All naturally derived ingredients
  • Lab-tested to be free from pesticides, solvents, chemical fertilizers and other contaminants. GMP certified.
  • Non-GMO
  • Recyclable box and aluminum tube
  • Nano Full-Spectrum Hemp = 5x the strength
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • NO: Animal Testing, Synthetic Ingredients or Fragrance, Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates
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Dr. Milo’s Topical Relief Lotion is a fast-absorbing, all natural relief. Our Formula contains all plant-derived ingredients, that offer reduced inflammation and relaxation. It works by targeting pain receptors in your body and dulls their response. It will absorb into the skin within seconds, work within minutes, and last approximately 2-4 hours. We use a NANO, full-spectrum hemp for higher potency, and faster absorption. Our unisex essential oil-based scent won’t stain your clothes so use all over your body. We like it on the insides of our wrists to soothe anxiety and on our temples for migraine relief. Massage into your aches and feel the relief.


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28 reviews for Topical Relief Lotion

  1. Meridith N.

    I started using this product to help alleviate the pain in my arm and shoulder from a car accident I had a few years ago. It numbs the pain instantly and doesn’t feel greasy or sticky. I love that it’s all natural and has a pleasant fragrance.

  2. Robert Thoren

    I use Dr Milo daily as part of my recovery routine. Love it. It’s nice to have that little bit of help when you’re healing up and getting ready for your next mission.

  3. Sam Lallas

    Fast acting, smells great, couldn’t be more happy with this awesome topical.

  4. Michael

    I love my Dr. Milos lotion. Its helped me recover faster from soreness due to long tennis matches and basketball games. I use it daily for injury prevention and my joints love it. Buying again, thanks!!!

  5. Jill

    AMAZING!!! I have tried everything. Had a severe break and sprain at the same time a few years ago and this is the only thing that provides instant comfort!

  6. Lynne

    I am 83 and everything always hurts. Instant relief! I shared with my friends and they love it as well. I’ve tried everything. Great fragrance but most important it really works!

  7. Daisy Hernandez

    As an avid user of cbd salves and arnica creams, I’m a huge fan of Dr. Milo’s formula because it has everything I need to alleviate my tennis elbow. Plus, with this lotion, a little goes a long way so when I’m dealing with tension or soreness elsewhere, there’s enough to cover those bases, too. I recommend buying a few at a time since I like to keep a tube in my purse and one on my nightstand. 5/5 highly recommend!

  8. Hannah J.

    Dr. Milo topical lotion is an awesome product that I love using for pain relief anywhere on the body. I’m a night shift nurse and it’s important for me to find reliable tools to keep my body functioning properly. Dr. Milo is my number one! I also use it to reduce painful menstrual cramps. As a bonus it has a beautiful and calming fragrance.

  9. Kathryn B

    This is my new go to item in my medicine cabinet! I use it for menstrual cramps, tension headaches, soreness from workouts, and normal aches and pains. The cream itself is hydrating and absorbs quickly. It leaves a lovely scent that I like getting whiffs of all day long.

  10. Mary Ann (verified owner)

    A friend recommended Dr. Milo to me. We have used many products, but our search is over. Dr Milo is helping my daughter with an auto immune disease, a son with back pain and myself with knee pain. I gave them as a gift and will continue to use it for myself.
    Thank you Joan for helping me with my order, your excellent customer service was so appreciated!

  11. Megan Mann

    I use Dr Milo on my neck and head muscles when I get ice pick headaches. It not only relieves my pain but provides relief from the anxiety these headaches cause. Just having it on hand, produces a calm in me because I know I will get relief from its use. Thank you for creating this product. It has truly made a difference in my life and I strongly recommend it to anyone for nerve and muscle pain relief.

  12. Spence

    I’mma be honest – I was a little suspicious of these type of remedies in the past, but I had some joint soreness in my knees after playing basketball and this really works. Almost instantly relieved the pain I was feeling. Is a great product I’ll definitely be purchasing again in the near future! Whoever Dr Milo is – bless your soul

  13. Lucy Schiff

    Dr. Milo is the best! It isn’t greasy or oily and it smells amazing. I use it for period cramps, knee pain after running, on my neck when feeling stressed and any other aches and pains I’m feeling. It soaks right in and really helps relieve. I’m on my third tube and truly can’t recommend enough!

  14. Gwen G

    I am obsessed with Dr. Milo topical relief lotion!!! I started using it when I got Covid. I was so achy everywhere in my body, and I applied this magical lotion on my forehead & my temples for my terrible morning headaches. I also used it on my shoulders and back to help with the achiness, and it was SO relieving and so relaxing for my body. I’m so grateful to have found this company and lotion made with such high-quality ingredients. I also loved that the lotion was so light weight which absorbed right into my skin… and it smells incredible like a very light citrus essential oil. If you read the ingredients this product is made with the best, pure ingredients and so much love. This is also a great lotion for everyday use to calm and relax – I use it at bedtime on my neck and shoulders. Thank you Dr Milo!

  15. Barbie Greiwe (verified owner)

    Dr. Milo not only relieves stress and aches in your bones, it’s made with quality ingredients! My body always feels better after I use this spectacular lotion! I buy it for myself and gifts! Everyone is going to love my stocking stuffer this Christmas!?

  16. Samantha Schiff

    Amazing product used it on my shoulder and lower back for pain and it disappeared within minutes especially for my lower back it was killing me and then after applying Dr. Milo the pain was gone. Thank you Love this product such a life saver!!!!!

  17. Samantha Schiff

    Dr. Milo is Amazing used this product on my shoulder and lower back for pain and it went away within minutes after applying Dr. Milo!
    Thank you love this product such a Life Saver!!!

  18. Claire Ratcliffe Adams

    I bought Dr Milo to relieve the pain I have in my elbow from holding my 13 month old all day, and wow! I cannot recommend this stuff enough. Not only does it ease my elbow pain, but it soaks into the skin so nicely with no grease, it smells amazing, and now I use it on my knees and sore muscles after workouts and rub it into my temples before I fall asleep. I will be purchasing again and again.

  19. Judy Pringle


  20. Steve franks

    I teach yoga to typical populations,, kids with special needs, and people with Parkinson’s. At the end of each class I rub the product on my wrist and offer final neck and shoulder adjustments. My students all love the scent. I also recommend to all for aches and pains.
    10 of 10 in my book !

  21. Steve franks

    I teach yoga to typical populations,, kids with special needs, and people with Parkinson’s. If I see a student looking stressed I offer a gently wrist massage with this cream. The scent alone is an instant release of tension. At the end of each class I rub the product on my wrist and offer final neck and shoulder adjustments. My students all love the aroma and relaxation the cream offers.

    10 of 10 in my book !

  22. Jean

    Dr. Milo has been such a find after years of trying so many different products. The relief from pain that I feel in my knees and shoulder before walking or lifting weights allows me to once again push a bit farther in my workouts.
    I recommend it to so many of my friends and family with the confidence that they will find the comfort that I have experienced. 10/10!

  23. Bill Buck

    Have had remarkable relief in my knees. Has relieved my pain in the morning by applying a small amount before going to bed. I was not a believer but after two applications, I now believe.

  24. Kristin Kelly

    I first used Dr. Milo for neck/shoulder pain due to sleeping on a bad pillow, then when I managed to inflame both of my Achilles tendons, it was (and still is) so much help in my recovery process! I have tried several over the counter ‘remedies’ with no success, other than wasted money. A little goes a long way, and it seriously works GREAT!

  25. kay (verified owner)

    from sore muscles to headaches and backpains… dr. milo is the answer! it not only smells amazing, but also absolutely provides soothing relief right away. it’s my post-run and exercise routine ritual. so much love to the team beind dr. milo – great people making great things!

  26. LIAnn Kumai (verified owner)

    50 hour work week cooking, my hands can’t wait for the nightly use of Dr. Milo. My hands feel great the next morning!

  27. Samuel McGough

    Such a great product, helps immediately with pain, and last for hours. I tried it the other day and I am already addicted. Worth trying!

  28. TJPorter (verified owner)

    Great relief for my lower leg pain.
    Thank you Dr. Milo Team

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